Mes amis, you’re in for a treat today. I’m finally getting around to showing you what might be one of the most interesting houses in France, maybe even the world. It is the home of our friend Steve Plant, a transplanted Englishman with a sharp pen (poet, playwright, blogger), a sharp eye (French flea market expert, king of eclectic design) and a sharp mind (quite possibly the wittiest person I’ve ever met).

I have no idea how to describe Steve’s home, so I’ll let Neil’s beautiful photos do the talking.

It’s part natural history museum, part English parlour, part French farmhouse, but it’s all Steve. It’s like stepping into a magical emporium of treasures, each with a story or a meaning—intellectual or sentimental, sometimes both. He has lovingly and carefully assembled this place (from plumbing to painting) over many years and as he says, “all on the cheap.” I think he should start charging admission.

I’m always amazed at what’s tucked away in French villages. Thank god I’m leaving soon. I’d be barging through every door within 50 miles and we all know how that would turn out. Merci Steve!

ps Steve’s play Buridan’s Ass was most recently produced earlier this year in Philadelphia and his blog is: Musings of a Failed Taxidemist