See here’s what I love about this crowd: you know how to take direction. Holy reviews! I knew a few of you would reward my begging and scraping, but I never dreamed so many would do it. Your reviews are amazing and heartwarming and gratefully accepted. It’s not the fact that you rated the book so highly (well, it doesn’t hurt), it’s that you took the time out of your busy lives to toss me a bit of kindness. If you all ran the world we’d have fewer wars and more funding for cool stuff like libraries and wine kiosks every 10 feet.

Anyway, I have the best followers in the blogosphere, that’s the good news. The bad news is that my non-Canadian Finders are having a hard time getting hold of the blook through Amazon. Jaysus in the garden, they are driving us all bananas. It looks like for the foreseeable future the blook can only be ordered for certain through Creative Publishing (see the link on the book page on the right).

All I can tell you is we’re working on it, but unless international publishers decide I’m worth the risk, that’s the deal. I know it costs more this way and it takes longer but what can I say? This might be the first time in history that Americans cannot get something they want right when they want it. I want to leap on a chair and shout, “Suck it up you superpower maniacs!” but because I know you already feel bad enough about Mitt Romney possibly becoming president, I’ll hold my tongue.

Now, you’ve kept up your end of the bargain and so must I. I’m still trying to get my head together on what I’m potentially cooking up. No decisions have been made and these are early days, so until I have more to say I’ll just leave you with a hint of where I spent the weekend. We have friends in Semur who have to be the kindest souls one could ever stumble across. They tossed us the keys to their second home located just across an international border and said, “Our maison is your maison.” I’m no rocket scientist but I know a good deal when it’s laid out in front of me.

Here’s the view from my weekend hideaway…

Mon dieu! What a weekend. More to come on my 3 days in heaven. Any guesses where I was?