Well I’m supposed to be sitting in the giraffe cage at the housette, but instead I am still sitting in my mother’s house. See, Newfoundland is an island in the North Atlantic and is subject to some very interesting (that’s French for shitty) weather. When we first arrived I was greeted with a snowfall. Then came the driving North wind and freezing rain. And then the mother of all weather evils, brouillard, fog or should I say FOG!

This is no ordinary fog. This is the real deal—pea soup, so thick you can lean on it. Thick enough to get lost in (as I did on my way to Chapters) and thick enough to cancel every flight on and off the Rock for 2 days. I was all packed and braced for the ridiculously long and painful journey back to the land of butter and verbs but no dice. We are booked to leave later this afternoon and it has all turned out for the better—shorter wait in Montreal and an upgrade to executive class, which means this gigantic woman will lay flat on her rickety back as she zooms across the ocean.

The good thing about being a nothing is that delays like this mean nothing. Sure what pressing matters need my attention? If I sat here wearing my 5 foot 4 mother’s sweatpants (ahem, capri sweats if you please) watching HGTV 8 hours a day for another week, who the hell would notice? Now poor Neil is a bit put out as he has design projects to complete and French driving tests to pass, but again it’s all about me and all about how you look at it. It couldn’t be helped, so keep calm and carry on eating sour cream was the theme of the weekend.

Anyway, god only knows when I’ll be back up and running again. All I can say is that despite the weather, the Rock has been kind to me. Especially that woman at the grocery store who chased me down the aisle marveling at my hair colour. “Oh my, is that natural? I just had to tell you how gorgeous it is.” Maybe I’ll stay one more day….

ps thanks to my friend Kevin McCann for the title today and here’s some inspiring French music & dancing to keep you entertained in the meantime…