Well, here I am back in the homeland. I got off the plane. I saw the sea. I drove downtown and I looked for Club Max, my old dancing ground, now razed to the ground. I showed Neil all my old haunts, I raided the grocery store (more sour cream) and then I read my emails. Jaysus god alive. In the span of 3 days I now have a radio interview, a launch, two signings and now requests for another TV spot (sweat soaked yet again) and another newspaper interview. Mon dieu.

So I would love to regale you with a riveting tale about my arse or some such foolishness but that would mean forgoing sleep and basic hygiene. Instead let us continue with more breaking news from the Nauseating Narcissism Network. Here’s a link to my first review from the brilliant Newfoundland author Trudy Morgan-Cole (new book: That Forgetful Shore). I’m sure there will be less than lovely ones to come but who gives a merde? If you’re in town tomorrow I’ll be signing books at Costco from 3-5 — meet me between the fishsticks and the toilet paper.