Who in their right mind would want crap written all over their house? I would (jury’s still out on whether my mind is right). Especially if it looked like this …

And this one …

I love these buildings, abandoned and forgotten but magnificent still. And speaking of being abandoned and forgotten, as in someone better come so I don’t feel like a complete doofus, I want to invite you to two more book events. In addition to the upcoming launch parties, I’ll be doing two book signing sessions:

Halifax — Friday April 27, 1-3 pm, Coles in Scotia Square

St. John’s — Friday May 4, 6-8 pm, Chapters, Kenmount Rd.

Come and keep me company while people stare at me wondering what the hell I’m doing there. I’ll sign your book, I’ll sign your chest, I’ll sign your arse, hell, if you like I’ll sign The Giraffe Was Here across the side of your house. Your choice.