Oh it’s nice to have some time off every now and then isn’t it? But when you are an obsessive overachiever like me it makes total sense to spend every moment of your week off from writing doing nothing but writing. Oh I did take a break here and there to think about writing and to talk about writing. But I say it was all worth it and let me tell you why.

A while back I made a pretty bold claim, I said that I had written a book. Of course I had. Everyone who moves to France, Italy or Spain writes a book. They won’t even let you over the border until you agree to do so. I sent my collection of doodles around to various helpful souls and I got a lot of interesting responses. But there was one response that especially caught my eye.

Now because I plan to milk this for all it’s worth, further details will be given next time. So for today there is only a simple announcement.

Just in case you don’t recognize the name, that’s me, Roberta French, hereinafter called The Author. That’s also me jumping up and down and clapping my hands yelling, “Hooraaaaay!!” Oui, my Finders this is a publishing contract, one that now bears my signature. Sometime next year, Finding Me In France (working title) is coming to a bookstore near you. My first thought after I signed the contract was ‘well thanks be to jesus, some new blog material’.