Can you hear that? That wild cackling from the great beyond. From where I sit it’s deafening. Ah yes, god and her amusement at my plans.

Change is afoot here at Big French Adventure Headquarters. It’s a really long story but comes down to this. Brace yourselves. After much reflection and discussion we’ve decided that our property business plans are a no go. Neil’s work in Canada will be keeping him too busy and it’s too big a project for me on my own.

Alors I am now adrift, a broad abroad with no Plan B. Well you’re never safe from surprise ’til you’re dead. So now you might be asking (as I certainly am) what’s next? I simply have no answer.

The immediate plan is to keep calm and carry on. I’ll continue wrestling with verbs and vocabulary. Certainly the future here for me is very grim without the ability to participate in a basic conversation. It’s not exactly a ‘we don’t care if you can’t speak a word of French’ kind of job market.

Plus it’s not like I have a wide range of experience to fall back on. Let’s see. I worked at a video store once as well as at a men’s clothing store. What else? Oh yeah, I used to be an adolescent mood disorder/acute psychiatric illness specialist.

So unless there’s a shop on the Rue de la Liberté that rents movies to suicidal teenagers who are also in need of a poor quality business suit I’m shit out of luck. I suppose I could just be a kept woman. Of course such a position is so far beneath me and yet so far it’s not half bad.

I’m not worried. I’ll have to put this dilemma out into the universe and see what comes back. I’ll make lemons from lemonade. The world is my oyster. This will turn out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Everything will unfold as it’s supposed to. Right?

Where’s the wine? It’s flowing like mud around here…

ps taking weekend off to serve cake to aging husband who turns yet another year wiser on Saturday