It’s only been 2 weeks and already it seems like a lifetime ago that I left my home for this strange place. Every day is an endless stream of new things and places and people. While on the surface most things seem the same it’s like living on another planet. Sunday was a day of discovery for sure.

We started with the Farmer and the Wife for lunch. Now in France this involves again champagne, then more food than I have ever eaten at a dinner in my life. The table looked like a buffet for a wedding. Again wine flowed. We ate and talked (well I listened mostly) and we met the son, 16, adorable and in love with his girlfriend of a week. It was her birthday and he had bought a necklace for her, very sweet and very French. It was reassuring to see that kids are the same all over the world. While the Boy was polite and charming, trying out his English with us, clearly he was biding his time to go and be in love. There he was texting and facebooking all over the place.

Technology was present at the Farm. In the kitchen there was a TV that showed all the cows in the barn from various angles including one that will have her calf any moment now. I hope my camera arrives soon as I am dying to capture this. Don’t worry, the calf not the actual birth, I’m not that country yet.

After the lunch which was about 2 and a half hours I was ready for the big snooze but the Wife asked if we would like to go to a local autumn festival then maybe to a village antique shop. Who’d say no to that? Off we went and it was amazing. Locals milling about , chatting and double kissing, admiring the regional fares like honey from the flowers in the Alps (delicious!) and gorgeous handmade soaps. Kids were riding ponies and there was a chain saw sculpture competition, honest to god. We met the mayor of the town who smiled and chatted away, not a word did I get out of that one! The trick is to smile and nod a lot.

Then to the antique store. Fascinating place with beautifully restored armoires and dressers, vintage French postcards, old records and cameras from the 1930’s, marble topped bistro tables, oh I miss having a paycheque! The owner is a friend of the Farmer and he was exactly as you would imagine. Talking a mile a minute, smoking one strong French cigarette after another in the store, Frenchman to the core and as friendly as everyone else we’ve met.

Finally we drove all through the countryside, looking at land owned by the Farmer, a vineyard, a few pretty villages and then home again right a wine o’clock. I had a little cheese and half a croissant for dinner as I was still full from the lunch banquet extravaganza. All in all a perfect day. The hospitality of this woman is endless. I see her next on Thursday for dinner. She is so patient with me and doesn’t seem to mind that I sound like a fool. She was so happy to introduce us as the Canadians to all the people we met.  There are lessons to be learned from her I suspect.

I know all the days won’t be like today but for now I’m going to pretend that every Sunday will be just like this one. Of course I’ll be 300 pounds and in alcohol rehab but hopefully speaking better French.