Okay this is it. The first day of the rest of my life (I’ve decided that I now speak in tired clichés). Transatlantic launch is in about 5 hours. I’m here at an airport hotel, homeless, carless, bedless, broke but determined. There is no turning back now however, as we all know, an Air Canada delay would not come as much of a surprise.  So, passport, check. Year supply of MAC and Lancome products, check. Hockey bag jammed full with essentials from Rapid Release Tylenol to the riveting 501 French Verbs Book, check. Husband, check. Fear and panic, check. At least my hair gives the illusion of courage.

First I have to actually survive the whole travel business. I’m great at arriving but getting there, not so much. Neil loves to fly, what a bizarre creature he is. He eats then falls asleep, it drives me wild. There aren’t enough drugs on the planet to put me out on a flight. We have about 16 hours travel time to Paris, then a 2 hour drive to the B & B where we will be 5 hours ahead of our usual time zone. I look forward to the effect on my already completely wacky sleep pattern.

But never mind, when we land there will be the fun of trying to wade through the paperwork of obtaining residency permits, alerting the local police to our presence (required) and then the medical exams that I hear are quite comprehensive. Maybe they give you wine and croissants before any orifice probing takes place, just to add a little class to the whole ordeal.

Anyway, it’s all part of the process and there’s no getting around it. All this means that I may have some disruption in posting, I’ll do my best to keep the rambling silliness going for those who sign on regularly. Speaking of that, if you are reading and haven’t put up a comment, please do. Doesn’t have to be long or witty, just a quick word to let me know you are out there. I’m about to go off into the wild blue yonder which may be a lonely place for some time. Every time I get a comment it makes my day and keeps encouraging me to write these doodles. Jeez, if I’d known that a haircut was all it took to get you all up I would have hacked it off sooner (thanks to all for the lovely comments).

So fade to black on the Canadian part of the journey. Who know what’s in store for us on the other side? Only time will tell. Success, failure, laughter, tears, financial ruin, riches? Your guess is as good as mine. My friends, wish me luck as I step to the edge, as I walk away from this life toward the next chapter. And that is the question I hope to answer, walking away or walking toward? I hope you’ll be around when I find out…