Hit Me with Your Best Shot

So last Sunday I was invited to lunch, always a special affair here in France. Picture a French farmhouse, a table under a tree with a blue tablecloth to match the clear blue sky, fine wine, roasted chicken and potatoes, beans from the garden, and of course, the requisite baguette. As is befitting a guest […]


Back in the Saddle Again

Jaysus, what a whirlwind. I’m a victim. But, overall, my trip was a great success: residence permit is in progress, bank account was established, a business that allows Rusty to continue as my minion was registered. Yet I can’t help but feel defeated. Defeated and summarily rejected. See, for me, moving is all about the […]


Look At What They Make You Give

The only action movie hero I have ever loved is Jason Bourne and any fan will know that I stole my title today from the movies. Even if you’re not a fan of Matt Damon racing about the globe as a modern day MacGyver, the title applies quite nicely to my little excursion here in […]


Paper Chase

Oh. My. Jaysus. Well, just as I suspected, I’m in immigration hell. The rigamarole involved in trying to become Swiss residents is a small cauchemar (nightmare). But, as a Swiss friend reminded me today, hell in Switzerland is an oxymoron. Which works very well for me — I too am a moron. Anyway, back in the […]


Swiss Miss

So I haven’t forgotten about that decision, that move to Switzerland or stay right where I am thing. It’s a hard one, a true win-win situation if ever there was one. Certainly all your feedback was very helpful. I must say I was surprised that so many of you were in favour of it. I […]


Fortune Favours the Foolish

Why would anyone in their right mind, at the exact moment of final immigration that took 18 months to secure, want to move to another country? I say it depends entirely on which mind and which country. Let me tell you how I came to be considering this new level of chaos. Once the book […]


Paradise by the Laptop Light

In case you haven’t guessed yet, I spent last weekend in Switzerland, more specifically in a town called Vevey. The weather was glorious. Each night, I sat on the balcony of our friend’s gorgeous lakeside apartment. Let me set the scene: white swans gliding over the black waters of Lake Geneva (in French, Lac Léman), […]


Asked and Answered

See here’s what I love about this crowd: you know how to take direction. Holy reviews! I knew a few of you would reward my begging and scraping, but I never dreamed so many would do it. Your reviews are amazing and heartwarming and gratefully accepted. It’s not the fact that you rated the book […]


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

For a year now I’ve been wondering what the house across the way is all about, wondering what treasures were hidden behind the green door. So when I found an announcement in my mailbox that said that very door would be open for the weekend, I was off like a shot. I walked through and […]


Road Block

Well it only took 11 months but my dear husband is officially safe for French roads. He passed the final hurdle in the great obstacle course known as the quest for a permis de conduire. He has in his possession a flimsy piece of paper that will substitute for the real McCoy, which I’m told […]


Spitting Image

So I’m at the gym the other day, dragging my flappy arse along on the treadmill, when I saw a sign on the wall that said “something, something, respectez nos clients, something, then ne pas cracher par terre.” I knew par terre meant on the floor but cracher? By the time I saw a third sign […]


Yes and Know

I’m partially recovered from my travels. At least I’m no longer hovering on the brink of starvation. I came home to an empty cupboard on a French holiday, meaning everything is closed. I realize commemorating the end of WWII is very important but so is my need for corn chips. How sad when just last […]


21 Hours

That’s how long it took me to get back. 21 hours of planes, trains and automobiles. Of course that doesn’t include the two days of waiting for the fog from hell to lift. While the trip cannot be described as anything other than a smashing success, it’s not something I want to do again anytime […]


Finding Me in Fog

Well I’m supposed to be sitting in the giraffe cage at the housette, but instead I am still sitting in my mother’s house. See, Newfoundland is an island in the North Atlantic and is subject to some very interesting (that’s French for shitty) weather. When we first arrived I was greeted with a snowfall. Then […]

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