The First Au Revoir

Of course a bunch of good-byes are headed my way but I didn’t count on any this soon. Ah well, we come and we go in this life. Saturday past Neil and I sat with our French neighbours extraordinaire, Jean-Claude and Jacqueline, for what will likely be the last time in a long while. Now […]


Together At Last

Lisa left a comment here the other day, “The stars align!” about this move to Switzerland. My friends, she speaks the truth. I did a last minute pop-in at a Vevey grocery store before the drive back to France and there it was. If you’ve been hanging around here for a while or if you’ve […]


Walk Softly and Carry a Big Bag

It’s all so bizarre, a good bizarre, but bizarre nonetheless. This business of finding a place to live has made me realize just how much my life has changed over the last 2 years. Every time I turn around I’m doing something I never imagined doing. It’s a bit like eating salad all the time […]


Love Me Tender

Well, it’s a good thing people around the world are showing me a little love these days because the Swiss unreal estate market is offering me nothing but the cold shoulder. More on that mess of merde to come, just as soon as I can stop from pulling out my hair long enough to type […]


Round Deux

Jaysus god alive, I got one nerve left and I’m hoping it will hold as I once more thrust myself into the fray of Swiss apartment hunting. I’m back in Vevey despite not having planned to be. Last week came and went without a word from the apartment agencies despite their promises to let us […]


Global Warming

Finders, if you’re at all like me, when you watch the news a profound sadness comes over you as you watch the worst of humanity display it’s ugly face. War, crime, etc. Sometimes it’s enough to make a giraffe want to stick her head in a hole in the desert and pray for the end. […]


Identity Crisis

Well, I’m back in France and it seems my days here are now officially numbered. After all the paperwork and begging and pleading and racing from Vevey to Lausanne and back again, the Swiss have decided one more giraffe in the country would do them good. Honest to god, to look at my pièces d’identité […]


Finding Me in Fashion

Yes, LA is totally gnarly dude. And New York is, well, ask anyone from New York and they’ll tell you it’s the greatest city on earth. Maybe so but for me Paris is tough to beat. Le sigh… I know what you’re thinking: one, how in the hell did she get this gorgeous young Frenchman […]



My friends, I have very little to say on this day. I’m tapped out, spent, all creativity has been wrung out of me. I’ve been in Vevey since Sunday dealing with my old pal immigration. Somehow we managed to charm and cajole our estimated wait time for a residency permit from “anywhere from 1-3 months” […]


Fifty Shades of Genius

When I was in St. John’s signing books at Chapters, I looked up to see a lovely and familiar face, my former college roommate. She hadn’t changed a bit. We hugged and laughed and chewed the fat for a while. Then the subject of my hair surfaced. In an awe-inspired, whispery tone she said to […]


That Girl Gets Around

Ages ago, a splendid writer named Amy Gesenhues wrote an excellent article in an Indiana newspaper about some wacky psychiatrist who packed it all in and ran off to France. Now, all this time later, she offers me another kindness. This is Madame Amy reading the blook in front of a statue of King Louis […]


Two Years and a Day

Well, time sure does fly when you’re having funemployment. Yesterday marked the the 2 year blogaversary of Finding Me in France. Two years! What a magnificent achievement: spending all your free time writing for free. Here’s to me! That’s me toasting myself, and who better to pat my own back I say. I also say […]


Finding Me in New York City

What a big load of joy this picture thing has been for me. Next week I’ll tell you all about my excursion to immigration hell, but for now I’m keeping this going so I don’t actually poke my own eye out with a fork from frustration. From Bipolar Disorder expert (ah, those were the days) […]


Finding Me in Hollywood

You know, it’s funny the people you come to meet on the web, people you would never, ever come across in your day to day life. Shortly after I started the blog (2 years ago next week, wow), just before I left Canada, I got a call from the woman who bought most of the […]


Photo Opportunist

As a recovering psychiatrist I’m obliged to begin by saying that guilt is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. The cure is to always remember that guilt is a choice. Blah, blah, blah. I’m retired so now I think it entirely appropriate to use guilt as a mechanism to manipulate people to […]

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