Personal Effects

Sweet Jaysus it’s just sad, triste as they say in these parts. I’ve started packing and I’m dismayed to see just how much stuff I’ve accumulated. I mean how can a person who sold off all her worldly goods just 2 years ago have so much crap? There’s a pale turquoise vacuum cleaner, an Ikea love seat that […]


Sweet and Salty

But seriously, can we please get back to talking about me? Swoon, swoon, I’m over the moon because this week Finding Me In France was reviewed by Chad Pelley, curator of the book blog Salty Ink. He’s a major award winning Canadian writer and a true Renaissance man (songwriter, photographer) when it comes to the arts. […]


The House That Steve Built

Mes amis, you’re in for a treat today. I’m finally getting around to showing you what might be one of the most interesting houses in France, maybe even the world. It is the home of our friend Steve Plant, a transplanted Englishman with a sharp pen (poet, playwright, blogger), a sharp eye (French flea market expert, […]


Full Circle

It’s true what they say: time flies when you’re having fun. Rusty and I are closing in on the two year mark here in France. Hard to believe especially since I still speak French like a toddler. Our days are numbered and will be filled with the banal tasks associated with my favourite activity: moving […]


Dear Alice

People often think psychiatrists are paid to give advice, purveyors of pointers if you will. Not necessarily so. I was trained in assessing, diagnosing, treating and so on. If wise counsel was what you were seeking, you may have been better off with a well-crafted Dear Abby letter than spending an hour with me. I […]


Raiders of the Lost Book

Oh that Jean-Claude. He’s a regular Indiana Jones all right. If you’re been around here a while, you’ll know all about my eclectic French neighbour and if you’re new to these parts this will serve as a brilliant introduction. JC is currently at his other house in Morocco. Apparently he brought a little something along […]


The Art of Perception

How often can we trust what our eyes tell us to believe? I first saw this man, Jérôme Laureau, at an Easter party and I didn’t know quite what to make of him. I didn’t speak to him that day but I did hear how upset he was at the arrival of an intoxicated guest. […]


Romance Language

I don’t have a whole lot to say these days. Not much going on over here unless you’d like me to bore the arse off you with the mind numbing details of Swiss health insurance. I tell you it’s painful. If I did have a lot to say I wish I could say it in […]


Clearing the Air

Jaysus god alive, what a week. Now I’ve probably mentioned this before but gratitude is the antidote for almost everything that ails us. I’m grateful that this mess is breaking… Today the forecasted high is only 27 degrees which will feel downright frosty after the heat wave we’ve been having over here. Hot enough to […]


Family Values

Marriage is one big crap shoot isn’t it? I mean everybody starts with the best intentions. At least I assume so. Maybe there are people who stand at the altar after paying a trillion dollars for a puffy white dress, 2 tons of baby’s breath, a rubbery chicken dinner and sketchy DJ who has multiple […]


You Eat With That Mouth?

A while back, a book club in my hometown chose Finding Me in France as one of their summer reads. So I did a Q & A by Skype with the group, great fun indeed. One of the questions was aimed at discovering my biggest faux pas in France. I thought about it for a […]



When I look back over my life so far, I see the faces of all the wonderful women I’ve known and I feel profoundly blessed. They give my life meaning and purpose and there is no measure of what I have learned from them. How I got so lucky I’ll never know. I’ve learned to […]


In Good Company

Now this is exciting for sure, well, it is for me. Joanna, a beloved former student of mine (I taught her a little about child psychiatry, she taught me a lot about Chanel bags) sent me this photo on Sunday… Oh my, the joy of this table. Yes, of course I’m thrilled to see FMIF […]


The First Au Revoir

Of course a bunch of good-byes are headed my way but I didn’t count on any this soon. Ah well, we come and we go in this life. Saturday past Neil and I sat with our French neighbours extraordinaire, Jean-Claude and Jacqueline, for what will likely be the last time in a long while. Now […]

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