All Madness, No Method

28 days into 2015 and already any resolutions I could have made (don’t believe in ‘em, by the end of this sentence you’ll know why) would have been torn to shreds (as resolutions always are, and there’s your answer). I have eaten every piece of chocolate in British Columbia; I have become a champion avoider [...]


The Best Laid Plans

Salut mes amis! I hadn’t planned to dive back into the old blog habit, but when I got messages from folks as far flung as France, Northern Ontario, and Australia saying they missed me, well, who am I to disappoint an adoring public? You want musings on the mundane, you got ‘em. There is one nugget [...]


Doctor’s Orders

Time for an update on my adopted Mexi-mutt, Lulu. Not much to say really, unless you count my entire life upending, my bank account being rapidly laid to waste, and my playing second fiddle to my husband’s girlfriend. The perils of pet ownership at the best of times have been lightly likened to those of [...]


Eight is Enough?

Allow me to tower above you while on my soapbox for a moment. Oh who am I kidding, any one of you could be on stilts and you’d still be looking at my bellybutton. The point is I am celebrating eight years of wedded bliss today and I have something to say about marriage. Of [...]


The Three Amigos

Anyway, don’t you just love September? After months of silence, like the good Newfie I am, I begin with chatter about the weather—relentless sunshine with cool breezes off the Pacific, perfect temperatures for just about everything. The whole summer has been like this. In fact, I can’t remember a better summer in my life, well, [...]


No News is Good News

Well, Finders, it has been a while now hasn’t it? Not much has been going on in my little world, more work than play but balanced enough. Although, I did go to an intensive work conference in Banff, only to return home to find Rusty laid up with a pulled back and the bloody World [...]


Self Sacrifice

Me, me, and more me. Then, just when you think you’ve had enough, here comes more about me. Blogging is often a narcissistic endeavour to be sure. Sometimes it seems that it’s a giant verbal selfie (the fact that I even know this word makes me cringe) that says “look at me!” over and over [...]



Today’s post is brought to you by the number one: one year of living in glorious Victoria and one year of being employed outside of medicine. Congratulations to me for making the transition from the couch to the cubicle with relative ease (and very little grace), and to my husband for making the transition from [...]


Making Up for Lost Mail

As many of you may know, I don’t have children, well, unless you count that fool I live with. Honestly, sometimes it’s like having an enormous toddler—someone who crashes through your tidy home daily, has no insight into the damage they inflict, with the added bonus of grown-up man smells, round-the-clock golf watching and, unfortunately, [...]


Ten Million Bucks and Change

Yes, it’s true: I’m a lot to manage on any given day—big mouth, big opinions, and not often graced with tactful diplomacy. The people in my life have survived me to date; I offer no guarantees about the future. Like everyone, I’ve made my share of wrong turns and outright catastrophic blunders, but who gives [...]



At the risk of alienating the Finders still suffering out snow, the park across the street from my place has been blooming for weeks… I realize it’s ridiculous to have any grumbles at all when the forecast looks like this… Except that my husband has fully embraced west coast weather by becoming a golf lunatic. [...]


The Height of Joy

Recently, another short work trip appeared on my agenda. As I was going through the motions of packing and so forth, I thought (for the millionth time) how great it would be to teleport everywhere like on Star Trek. I’m not known for my patience, especially when any kind of travel is involved. I’ve yet [...]


Good Night, Nurse!

From time to time I get emails from folks who’ve read Finding Me in France offering their reviews. They are incredibly kind and gracious and say things like, “Oh I laughed and laughed,” or, “You’ve inspired me to travel more,” or, “Overuse of the word arse gets tiresome.” That last one has been my favourite [...]


The Eyes Have It

Overall this aging business is what I would describe as an up/down affair. I do enjoy being past the years of giving a rat’s arse about what other people think; the times of doing what was expected of me, of being the person I was ‘supposed’ to be. On the other hand, yesterday I woke up [...]


Rights of Spring

I’ve been a West Coaster for just under a year now and already I feel entitled to the chorus of songbirds outside my window in late March. Even the assaultive grind of a lawn mower from yesterday morning was welcome. I feel like all my winters spent in the North Atlantic have granted me the [...]

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