According to Chinese astrology, I was born in the year of the monkey. Makes sense, as those of us classified so are said to be fun loving, cheerful, energetic, charming, humorous, clever folks. In fact, one zodiac source I read said give a monkey a boring book to read and she’ll turn it into a musical. I’ll be auditioning gangly chorus girls and red-headed chefs for the Finding Me in France Broadway show next weekend if you’re interested.

Apparently, I’m also a terrific problem solver with impressive listening skills. Maybe I should start a Dial-a-Monkey hotline to work out whatever issue is at hand for the masses. I’m likely to become famous, have a food fetish, and be a passionate and devoted lover. Sounds like yet another interesting career option in that triad. I skipped past the part that warns about monkeys being flighty, self-centred, and opportunistic because everyone knows astrology is only right half of the time.

Anyway, this silverback gorilla and her sheep husband went downtown to Victoria’s Chinatown to usher in the Year of the Horse…








Dragons and lions, fan dancers and kung-fu warriors, drummers and cymbal crashers, firecrackers bouncing off the streets, and me drooling as the aroma of Chinese delicacies filled the air. The charts say 2014 will be a mixed and potentially turbulent year for the monkey. One site predicted a pile of money but warned me not to spend without control. Another said matters of the heart were solid, while another said I was about to embark on some torrid affair. Who’d have the energy for wild spending sprees and multiple men I wonder. I’m worn out already and it’s only the beginning of February.

Monkey, rat, ox, whatever, the year will likely be what I make it. Hopefully my head and my heart will make friends and play nice for a change, and a little luck will come my way when it’s needed most. Kung Hei Fat Choy to all. Try saying that with a mouthful of steamed dumplings.

photos courtesy of Neil McCulloch