I’ll tell you one thing, upheaval is good for a marriage. We haven’t talked to each other this much for years—occasionally fretful, rarely fractious and often funny debates about the next phase of the Big Adventure that extend into the wee hours. All this between being joyous and serene. Oh, and a big merci for all the encouraging comments. Worry not dear Finders, we are doing just fine. It’ll all work out for the different.

Anyway, here’s the deal: I’m taking this blog down to twice a week. Now just stop with the moaning and the whining. You try churning out these doodles while giving your already twice made over life a full re-do. Cripes, I couldn’t make this merde up if I tried, but just because I’ve got a delicious influx of plot doesn’t mean that I have the time to narrate it. You’ll still get all the sordid details of this small but occasionally interesting life.

So, after this week, I’ll be here Mondays and Fridays as usual, but Wednesdays you’re on your own. You’ll be so busy finding solutions for me that you won’t even notice, the most obvious one being the richest of you decides to pay me to write about nothing (hey, it worked for Seinfeld) and everybody’s happy.

Now you all know that I’m not too keen on posting pictures of myself here, but since I’m taking a day away from you, and many of you often ask me to splatter my image all over the internet (why I’m not sure), here’s one of me taken not too long ago…

Don’t I look peaceful; amused by I can’t remember what. Of course when this was taken I had no idea what was coming. I call it The Calm Before the Shitstorm.