I wanted to start off 2013 with some sort of shrinky, reflective wisdom, but it seems I doled out all my good New Year’s stuff last year in this post. I maintain my position that resolutions are for suckers and regret is at best a wasteful way to spend one’s time.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have an agenda for the coming year, and by that I mean goals beyond the rigours of my current wifestyle. Personally, I think gazing at snow-pillowed peaks all day is a perfectly acceptable aspiration. Trouble is, it doesn’t pay the bills and, if I’m completely honest, it’s not exactly what I want to do with my life. Which brings me to goal number 1: finding a way to support myself—financially, sure—but more important, finding that ‘something’ that supports my spirit.

Naturally, I have other goals—whipping my middle-aged arse into better shape, making serious efforts at improving my French, but I can’t even gather the energy to think about facing that one, so back to goal number 1.

I began this whole journey to joy by scrubbing toilets. Then I was delightfully distracted by publishing the doodles, and now, here I am once again contemplating what’s next for me. Perhaps I’m a sucker for punishment. I mean what exactly is the logic of trying to reinvent your career in a foreign culture where your language skills are restricted to ordering food and viewing apartments?

Well, logic never has been my strongpoint and for now I’m pressing on with my commitment to irrationality. When Neil takes off for Canada later this month (leaving me to starve, the bastard), I’m heading up to Zurich for a couple of days to hang with an American woman who has managed to carve out a fascinating career for herself.

She too picked up sticks and left all she knew behind in favour of a life in a foreign land. She’s travelled the globe, helps women in developing countries become entrepreneurs, runs leadership training programs, plus she sings with a big band and is a fantastic cook, making my visit timely to say the least. I want to bump brains with her and see what inspiration falls out.

At any rate, I’m giving myself roughly a year to come up with something. When 2014 rolls around, if I’m still out of ideas, I’ll sit down with Rusty and we’ll review our options. In the meantime, maybe there’s another book to be written, maybe not. After more than 2 years now as a bonne vivante, I’ve learned thinking too far ahead is so 2010.

And so, I make my move into the new year with my ears, eyes and heart wide open. I’m prepared for greatness. Are you ready?