And … I’m back. Well, I have to say that was probably one of the smoothest moves I’ve ever experienced, and it only took 5 days, my nerves. By the time the movers came on Monday for the big stuff, everything we could carry back and forth in our French blue bubble putt-putt was tucked away in the new digs (more to come on that). One more move and I think I get the lifetime achievement award.

Frankly, I found it hard to stay on task. Normally, I try not to focus too much on bad news in the world, but there’s not a child therapist on the planet who could have looked past the latest American tragedy. I watched it unfold until I saw reporters sticking microphones in front of traumatized kids and moms detailing their children’s mental illness histories (with identifying pictures) online, predicting them to be the mass murderers of the future. Fearing my head was going to explode, I had to look away.

Hearing big talk about mental health makes this lapsed psychiatrist happy, but I have too much first hand knowledge about kids witnessing and committing murder, and I simply could not believe what I was seeing in the aftermath. Oh, the media, don’t get me started. And the damage the internet can do, well, there’s no point of even going there. So I won’t.

Instead, I decided to seek out some good news. Sure, atrocities are everywhere you look—America, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or wherever you happen to find yourself, but it’s not all murder and mayhem out there.

Take a break from the news and have a look at this. Warm fuzzies guaranteed.