Saturday was my wedding anniversary. Well, not just mine, obviously I didn’t marry myself. Although every evening after 10, looking at the heavy-lidded lump next to me on the couch, it sometimes feels that way. Oh now I’m just kidding. He does often grunt or make some other man noise that lets me know I’m not alone in all this. Six years ago, for reasons now long forgotten, we signed some papers securing his legal obligation to feed me.

Apparently the traditional gifts for year number 6 are candy, okay, I can get into that, and iron, hmm, not sure what to make of that. Not that it really matters for us. We’re far too hip to keep with convention. No cards, no flowers, not even a few smooches as I am still a walking bag of phlegm due to the head cold from hell. Of course I got a splendid meal, bien sûr, but that’s par for the course here at Chez Rusty. Instead we decided that the best gift of all is a new adventure together. This year we gave each other Switzerland. Cripes, it was hard to wrap.

This suits me just fine. As a rule, I don’t tend to want tokens or trinkets as gifts. I’m more of a do something for me kind of gal. Cook me a dinner, sing me a song, whatever, as long as it comes from the heart, I’m happy. So in that spirit, today I’m asking for a gift from all you Finders out there.

Someone close to me is starting down the road to recovery this morning. It will begin with a surgeon’s scalpel and end with new lease on life. As a woman of science, of this I am sure. Even so, a few extra prayers, meditations, positive thoughts, warrior dances, whatever you’re into, can make all the difference.

I am here in body but I am with her in spirit. And you can be too. I wonder if you could take a moment and send out some positive vibes that all goes well for this person—today and tomorrow and all the days that follow. In return you get my thanks and for good measure I’ll throw in a few more stories about my arse as I drag it to the foot of the Alps. Now if that’s not a good deal, then I don’t know what is. All together now …