Now this is exciting for sure, well, it is for me. Joanna, a beloved former student of mine (I taught her a little about child psychiatry, she taught me a lot about Chanel bags) sent me this photo on Sunday…

Oh my, the joy of this table. Yes, of course I’m thrilled to see FMIF so prominently displayed at a big Chapters store in Toronto celebrating the birthday of Madame Julia Child, but to be placed right alongside Le Road Trip by Vivian Swift, the most beautiful book about France I have ever seen, le swoon.

I loved Julia Child, I still love Julia Child, how could I not? A giantess and late bloomer who loved food, France and her charming husband, a kindred spirit if ever there was one. Never in my wildest dreams, my little book stacked in such a place of honour.

So a big merci to Joanna for taking this photo for me, otherwise I would never have known the marvelous company I keep. And a toast to these great women, Vivian and Julia, two Americans whose love for France lives forever on the page. I’ll drink to that.