You know, it’s funny the people you come to meet on the web, people you would never, ever come across in your day to day life. Shortly after I started the blog (2 years ago next week, wow), just before I left Canada, I got a call from the woman who bought most of the contents of our house. She had a friend from LA visiting who had taken up the blog and was loving it. I was invited to come see how my stuff was doing in its new role as her stuff and to meet the LA Goddess herself who has now become a friend.

Finders will know her as regular commenter Tisha. She is a remarkable woman who picked up sticks to live in London, working as a costume professional in the film industry. Then she picked it all up again, this time to Hollywood where she now lives. Her next adventure will be into the field of homepathy. She’s like totally awesome, like a total amazing robo-babe and no, she doesn’t actually talk like that. That’s me trying to be all Valley girl. Anyway, she loves the blog and she also loves the book…

Now you can see a few awards around there right? I’m getting to that. But first, Madame LA Goddess read the book once, then twice, then said, “Hmmm…”

“Maybe my husband would like this. He loves France. And he probably wants to read about some Newfie talking about her arse ad nauseum.” So she gave it to him to read.

You can see he’s enthralled, blown away by the rich prose and the pictures of dramatically positioned donkeys and chickens. And he would know a little about pictures and such. You see this man is none other than Dean Cundey, a Hollywood legend. He is the guru of cinematography and shot a few little films like Halloween (he was the pioneer of the steadycam), the Back to the Future trilogy, Jurassic Park, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Oscar nomination), Apollo 13 and too many others to mention and, many years ago, the film that began my love affair with movies, Where the Red Fern Grows.

I’m a huge fan of Dean’s work, so to see him holding my book is quite a thrill. Thanks Dean and thanks Tisha (I’m a huge fan of yours as well) for nagging him to pose.

I’ll leave you with this last moment of glory…

My fantasy is he’s thinking: Hey. Yeah. I’d like to shoot a film in France…

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