Well, here it is Friday morning and I got nothing. RIEN! Unwisely, I spent last night reading, doing laundry and sighing loudly at regular intervals in a desperate (and unsuccessful) attempt to distract Rusty from the Portugal vs. Czech Republic match. I thought I’d have all kinds of pictures to post today so I wasn’t concerned that there was no goofy tale of my latest humiliation.

I suppose the good news is the lack of blog material means that for the last 3 or 4 days I haven’t done anything particularly embarrassing. The bad news is nobody sent me a picture like I asked (she sniffs as her tears splash on the keyboard). I’ll have to make do with my make believe readers. This one is my favourite so far…

How can I fault dear Neil when he came up with this one all on his own? You gotta love a soccer hooligan/feminist husband. Truth be told, if I found out Ms. herself was reading my doodles, I’d keel over from the shock, so I should be grateful that this fantasy will never become reality. But there’s no excuse for you lot. As they say in my homeland, that’s a sin for you. I was all ready for the wave of jpgs. I even had Neil on stand-by for photoshop duty just in case one of you sent me something unfit for public consumption.

But never mind. I’ll press on in my search for novel ways to entertain myself. I’m packing a bag for yet another visit to Vevey next week to loiter at the Population Office and beg them to let me in the country. I figure by Wednesday I won’t actually need a residence permit as I’ll be granted squatter’s rights in their waiting room. I may post next week and I may not. I suppose I’d have to if I got some pictures of Finders with books (hint, wink, nudge, etc.).

At any rate, I still have faith that some of you will come through. In the meantime have a look at some pictures that might restore your faith in humanity. Have a wonderful weekend…


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