The only action movie hero I have ever loved is Jason Bourne and any fan will know that I stole my title today from the movies. Even if you’re not a fan of Matt Damon racing about the globe as a modern day MacGyver, the title applies quite nicely to my little excursion here in Switzerland.

The Great Paper Caper continues. I’m worn out with it all but much progress is being made. We’ve made applications for all kinds of stuff and it feels like we’ve been to every official building in the town of Vevey. It’s all a bit surreal, but in what is likely the paradox of the century, I now have something I never once expected to have, especially given my current state of affairs: a bland, unassuming white folder with a tiny logo in the top left hand corner.

Incredibly, I have a Swiss bank account. It was an interesting experience to enter the world’s most famous money system. Extremely pleasant, extremely efficient. We were treated like royalty despite our less than regal funds. Plus, I love a bank that hands you its own brand of white, milk and dark Swiss chocolate at the end of a transaction.

So, two passports and a Swiss bank account. All I need now is the ability to neatly kill a man with my bare hands and Jason Bourne and I will be one (Neil looks nervous). We still have a bunch more paperwork and running around to do. We may have to wait for months to be granted the residency permit and then we will face finding a place to live in a town where the apartment market is less than friendly. Now, in the middle of it all, I wonder if it’s worth the effort.

I don’t have time to think about it really. It’s been a real exercise in patience and acceptance and relinquishing control. All I can do is give them all they ask and hope to receive a good return on my investment. Even a wily action hero like me has to take a bullet every now and then.