And speaking of books …

Vivian Swift (you might remember some of her genius comments here at FMIF) is the author of When Wanderers Cease to Roam, a stunningly beautiful book about travelling and staying put. Now she graces us with her illustrated travel memoir of France. I am positive that this will go down in herstory as one of the most gorgeous books ever created about France.

“J’adore Vivian Swift—my favorite travel writer, my favorite travel doodler. This book is a little secret pocket of treasure and intimacy. Enjoy every careful and carefree detail!”—Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

You can order your copy and see the book trailer here. I’m hoping mine will be in my mailbox before I leave for Canada. I live here and I still can’t wait to savour her visual feast of France.

When I first thought of writing a book about France, I took a chance and emailed Vivian, then a stranger to me. She has since become an invaluable source of support, advice and enthusiasm for me every step of the way, so I raise my glass to Vivian and her book, no, her work of art.

So grab your glass of French wine and a flaky, buttery croissant and let Vivian’s words and paintings whisk you across France without liquid restrictions or a full body pat-down. Merci and Felicitations Madame Swift!