I love the moon. But then again, doesn’t everybody? Songs about the moon — Moon River, Moondance, Moonshadow. Clair de Lune is likely my favourite piano piece of all time. Movies about the moon or at least getting to the moon— The Man in the Moon, Apollo 13, A Walk on the Moon and a movie I know by heart, Moonstruck. Popular phrases about the moon — over the moon, once in a blue moon, honeymoon and who could forget Ralph Kramden’s famous, “Bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon!”

So why are we all so taken by this dry and dusty, cold and chalky sphere? What makes us want to write songs and swoon and stand in its shadow? I think it’s because every now and then, even in the dead of winter, you can stand in your frozen French garden and see the shine of the sun half a world away.

I’ve seen some brilliant moons in my day, once a whole series of them as an entire hockey team pressed their pasty arses against the windows of a passing yellow school bus. Even though that goalie is a close second, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a moon as beautiful as the one that rose over the housette last week. Is this stunning or what?