Well, this is a brief post just to keep you updated on a few changes here at le blog.

First, some of you will find that the banner picture has changed. I decided I needed to shake things up a bit. If you are still seeing the lady with her shoes that’s fine. If you wish to see the new banner I think all you need to do is empty your cache and reload the site.

Second, and this is a bigger deal, the earlier archives have been closed temporarily. This was a decision I made at the recommendation of my publisher. And because she’s friggin’ wicked, I do whatever she says. We decided that this was in the best interest of the blook and I hope this doesn’t cause any major problems especially for new Finders. But you know you know what I’m going to say. Buy the book!

Anyway, after the book has been released I’ll revisit the issue and go from there.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming and see you on Monday!