Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a wiener…

and that wiener is us! Finding Me In France has won first place in the Ex-Pat category at the Canadian Weblog Awards. Yes, from now on this little blog must be introduced as the “award winning blog” about arses and verb tenses. You know, the way they have to say “academy award winner Meryl Streep.” Ah me and Meryl, it’s like we’re the same person.

You all know I’m a daffy doofus most of the time (there’s no fighting nature) but in a rare lean towards the serious I can tell you I was quite surprised to discover this news yesterday. Surprised and delighted! I knew I’d made the short list but I didn’t think I had a hope of winning.

I’d like to express my thanks to Canadian super-blogger Schmutzie who organizes these awards and to the jurors who decided that my doodles were worth a prize. I’d like to thank Dana (of Feast After Famine blog) for nominating me. And I’d like to thank my agent, producer, director of photography and personal chef Neil. And of course the Finders without whom this wacky giraffe would be lost.

But I wouldn’t be here today accepting this award without my faith in god, also known as Scott, my uncommonly generous and supportive brother-in-law who set up this blog in the first place and continues to maintain it as I have neither click nor clue how this website actually works. Felicitations et merci bien mon beau-frère.

And just like me, I suspect Madame Meryl will discover this year that while it is an honour to be considered, winning beats the merde out of nominated every time. I know the minute she walks off the stage with her gold statue she’ll call me and, with a perfect Newfoundland accent, say, “Honour? Honour can kiss me arse.”

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