What an exciting life I lead. Physiotherapy, a testosterone laden gym, laundry, verb conjugation but let’s not forget shopping. As winter fast approaches I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time trolling the internet looking for two things. One, a classic black coat to relieve the puffy silver North Face coat I wear every day from November to the end of March. I mean I can hardly show up at the opera (you never know) looking like an astronaut. And B, a black weatherproof purse that can withstand being tossed on the muddy car floor and dropped on the slushy street once or twice a day.

I approached the Minister of Finance with these requirements and he advised that I arrange a meeting with the Department of Chequing and Savings. I sat with the team and I reviewed the numbers. The proposed expenditures were presented, discussed and deemed to be of very low priority given the state of the current domestic holdings. I’m not sure but I suspect that I am the Director of the Welfare Department.

It’s just as well beacause I don’t think I’m cut out for this business of high finance. In the end I just wasn’t strong enough to redirect public funds for personal use. Curse that Catholic upbringing of mine.

But no good deed goes unpunished. Later that day I was told that we would indeed be going shopping after all. The Minister announced a new initiative guaranteed to cure any woes winter may bring. We made our way to town and came home with these beauties:

Oh who needs a cashmere blend trench coat when for just 13 euros you can get two trivalent influenza vaccines? Here you simply walk into the pharmacy and ask Mademoiselle Vaginale to hand them over. Now I know people are polarized on this issue but I’ve had influenza (back in third year medical school) and it taught me a valuable lesson, you gotta be some sick to die. I’ll take the shot any way they offer it.

So I guess I should be grateful that the Health Department stepped in. In the spirit of economic restraint (as in I want that coat) I even offered to jab my husband to save the doctor’s fee. But then I realized that he’d have to return the favour. The coat I have is just fine.